Saturday, April 15, 2006

New Flies

Fishing at night again has got me thinking about stripers looking through a fly to the moon or general brightness of the sky. To that end, I photographed a wide range of my striper flies both under and over exposed against a daylight-balanced light.

The photos are intentionally out of focus. I don't assume that stripers have vision that is quite like ours. I also don't own a camera that has a macro mode.

Abrames General Practitioner

Modified Abrames General Practitioner with Dee Wings and Jungle cock eyes rearward

Top to bottom: Abrames-style General Practitioner using burned-goose shoulder "spey" hackle as body hackle; The Five Color (my salmon-fly pattern of five colors of seal-fur dubbing...the recipe is too complex to list here); Ray's Fly with super-duper-awesome Japanese floss body (Alec Jackson floss and it is by far the best I have ever seen or used); extremely simple spey fly with whiting "spey" hackle body hackle; Modified Abrames-style GP with wild turkey wing and rearward "eyes"; simple salmon fly.

Another Grey Ghost Shad flatwing with a marabou throat/collar

An Abrames General Practitioner

Very simple, austere spey pattern with Whiting "Spey" hackle body hackle


Extremely colorful flatwing with golden pheasant crest top and lady amherst crest throat (not really a throat, but I cannot remember the real Salmon-dresser name for that position on the fly.)

The Five Color...notice translucence of seal fur.

Grey Ghost Shad


I must now buckle down for final exams. I wish the world well.

Seersucker Shorts (made by Keiko) and good vintage brown and white spectators make studying for finals a breezy operation!


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