Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Songs about lust twisted for the consumption machine

The ultimate irony of rock and roll is the use of rock songs for the commercials of mass-marketed products and service. I hypothesize that the reason songs of thinly-veiled teenage lust work so well for selling things is that lust and consumptive consumerism are part of the same paradigm of human desire.

The words do not even need to be changed, especially because many/most popular rock songs were filled with the same sort of bawdy innuendo as the bawdy-blues race records of the 1920s-1940s. Often the innuendo is not as creative as in the antique, often it was simply stolen, word-for-word, from the antiques. The words work perfectly for creating a lust-like, horn-dog excitement for a cellular phone or a goddamned brand of chicken.

Don't buy products that rebadge the music of lust into the music of consumptive desire. Smash the corporations, make your own shoes, forage for food.


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